Care About Childcare

Care About Childcare

The mission of Care About Childcare is to promote quality environments for all children through education and support.

Child care is much more than just caring for children.  Child care is a family issue, a business issue, an employment issue, an education issue, and a community issue.



Affordable Care Act

FREE Learning Session & Enrollment Assistance

  • Explanation of the Affordable Care Act
  • Healthcare Options for You and Your Family
  • Assistance Enrolling in Health Insurace
  • Personalized Q&A with a Licensed Counselor


Care About Childcare

Care About Childcare is an online system designed in partnership with the Child Care Licensing Program and it is intended to promote quality childcare and to help parents locate licensed providers in their area. For more information visit CareAboutChildcare.utah.gov.


Care About Childcare Online Training

Care About Childcare now offers online training for all child care providers in the State of Utah. Click here to access information about this new training opportunity >

Summer Activity Guide

Care About Childcare compiles a Summer Activity Guide each spring to assist you in arranging quality summer programs for your children. This year's edition includes more than 80 summer programs, as well as public swimming pools, libraries, ideas for more family fun, and articles on summer safety.

Please click here to view our Summer Activity Guide.