Welcome Baby Resources

Born Learning 
Web-based information helps you learn to recognize everyday activities as learning experiences for children as they explores the world of possibilities.

Families receive Welcome Baby’s monthly newsletter via email filled with community resources, fun games for your infant, and information for you.

One-time visit 
Families receive one visit from a volunteer who will deliver Keeping Your Baby Healthy, a free guide filled with health, safety, and developmental information to assist you in your new role as a parent.

Families use our fun and interactive curriculum to form playgroups in their own communities.  Families have the freedom to organize the time, place and participants for their playgroup.

Home Visitation 
Once a month a trained home visitor will bring curriculum unique to Salt Lake, to discuss information and bring appropriate activities specific your child’s developmental stage.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) 
The PAT program is designed to support families who feel they need additional support with a more extensive curriculum. A PAT trainer is available to visit during prenatal and post-birth. 


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April 2012 - Infant Sleep

March 2012 - Protection from Pertussis

February 2012 - Loving Your Baby

January 2012 - Winter Wonderland

December 2011 - Winter Outdoor Play

November 2011 - Teaching Toddlers to Share

October 2011 - Child Safety

September 2011 - Identifying Emotions

August 2011 - Ready, Set, Routine!

July 2011 - Literacy Building Blocks

June 2011 - Sun Safety

May 2011 - Taking Care of Mom After the Birth

April 2011 - Toddlers & Nutrition

March 2011 - Infant massage, special time with baby

February 2011 - Relationships

January 2011 - Surviving Winter

December 2010 - The Importance of a Healthy Home Environment

November 2010 - Help Me Grow

October 2010 - Car Seat Safety

September 2010 - SIDS

August 2010 - West Nile Virus

July 2010 - Bonding with Grandparents

June 2010 - Healthy Food Shopping

May 2010 - How to Keep Toddlers Active

April 2010 - Reading Opportunities

March 2010 - Discipline

February 2010 - Becoming a Father

January 2010 - H1N1 Influenza


Parenting is a hard job. The Welcome Baby Playgroup program provides an opportunity for parents and their children to receive interaction as well as provide tools for parents to feel more confident and ready for parenthood. Studies have shown that there are many benefits to both the parent and child who participate in playgroups. Some of these include: providing opportunities for parents to share experiences, enhance self esteem, validation of parenting skills, feelings, and ideas, new points of view, social support, and a sense of belonging. Likewise, playgroups provide children with a stimulating environment and strengthens social skills while they have fun playing and learning with their parents and peers. Participating in playgroups will be an invaluable experience for everyone involved.

Play, Learn, and Grow Together! 

Use our curriculum, provided below, to create your own playgroups. Weekly lessons are provided to assist you in sharing information and activities that will sharpen parenting skills and encourage proper child development.

Pathways Awareness

Pathways Awareness is a website dedicated to early detection and early intervention for children with motor delays. To access information on essential Tummy Time moves to assure your baby's optical physical development, click this link.

Educational Materials for Breastfeeding

To access more information on comfortable breastfeeding techniques, click the following links: